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Trust our auto suspension services

Do you hear irregular noises and vibrations from your car? Bring in your car or we can tow it to diagnose and evaluate suspension issues and figure out a reasonable solution inside our shop. We can help you properly maintain and service your shocks, brakes, struts, and more to keep your car running smoothly.


Enjoy our suspension services in and around Iron Mountain area. Be safe and feel safe with an optimally functioning suspension system.

Our comprehensive suspension services

  • Shocks

  • Struts

  • Tie Rods

  • Ball Joints

  • U-Joints



Have your suspension evaluated by our team

Avoid a bouncy and uncomfortable drive with our services.

  • Springs

  • Sway Bars

  • Torsion Bars

  • Axles


Benefit from our FREE multi-point inspection with every oil change! Call us at 906-779-2364 for quality suspension services.


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